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Cape Cod Assault & Battery Attorney

Assault & Battery Charges In Cape Cod

Assault and battery charges on Cape Cod can have serious legal consequences. If you or someone you know is facing assault and/or battery charges, it is important to understand the law, the potential penalties, and how to protect your rights.

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Assault and Battery are two separate offenses under Cape Cod law

In general, assault and battery are two separate offenses under Cape Cod law. Assault is defined as the “attempted or threatened use of physical force against another person” while Battery involves intentionally making contact with another person in a harmful or offensive manner without their consent. In Cape Cod specifically, these charges may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction based on local ordinances. For instance, some cities may have stricter laws regarding disorderly conduct which can lead to additional charges being filed if a person is found guilty of assaulting someone else.

Severity Of Punishment Varies

When charged with either assault or battery on Cape Cod, the repercussions will depend largely on the severity of the incident as well as any prior criminal convictions that exist on an individual’s record. The punishment for both can range from six months up to five years in prison depending upon the seriousness of injuries (if any) caused during the altercation and whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Additionally, fines may be imposed depending upon location or county court guidelines. In some cases, especially those involving minor children as victims, individuals convicted of these offenses may also be required to attend mandatory counseling sessions or have their license revoked for a period of time.

Get Professional Legal Help With Your Assault & Battery Charges In Cape Cod

No matter what side of an assault & battery case you find yourself on, it is important to remember that each situation is unique and deserves careful consideration before proceeding with legal action. If you are facing criminal charges due to an altercation on Cape Cod, contact a qualified Cape Cod Criminal Lawyer who can review your case and protect your rights throughout the process. An experienced lawyer can help ensure that justice is served fairly and provide guidance toward building a defense strategy that will best serve your interests and those affected by this serious charge. Contact Cape Cod Criminal Lawyer, Tom Kokonowski now for help.

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